Direct Call & Group Call

I have a few questions while using direct calls and group calls.

  • Direct Call
  1. Is the function to check the communication sensitivity between the sender and the receiver supported?
  • Group Call
  1. Doesn’t group call support speaker mode?
  2. Can I check the communication sensitivity in a group call?

Hello @MACAKM , regarding your question:
Direct Call:

  1. There is function to check the audio quality of the call on the dashboard. You can find it at Dashboard → Direct Calls → Call → MOS for audio

Group Call:

  1. Group call supports speaker mode.
  2. For now, group call does not support checking the quality of the call.
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Direct call

  1. Can’t the app detect it?


I used route PickerView while looking at the Group Call sample code, but the speaker mode does not come out. But, Direct Call shows speaker mode.

I used the code below in the group call

private func setupAudioOutputButton() {
        let frame = CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 56, height: 56)
        if let routePickerView = SendBirdCall.routePickerView(frame: frame) as? AVRoutePickerView {
            routePickerView.activeTintColor = .clear
            routePickerView.tintColor = .clear

Direct call provides the following functions so you can know the audio type, but is there no corresponding function for group call? I don’t see it in the documentation

func didAudioDeviceChange(_ call: DirectCall, session: AVAudioSession, previousRoute: AVAudioSessionRouteDescription, reason: AVAudioSession.RouteChangeReason) {
        guard !call.isEnded else { return }
        guard let output = session.currentRoute.outputs.first else { return }

        if output.portType.rawValue == "Receiver" {
            speakerButton.setImage(UIImage(named: "ic_call_speaker_off"), for: .normal)
        } else if output.portType.rawValue == "Speaker"{
        } else {
        print("[QuickStart] Audio Route has been changed to \(output.portType.rawValue)")

Can’t Group Called use didAudioDeviceChange function provided by Direct call delegate?
I want to change the image to match the changed audio output.
If not, can you tell me how to access it?