Direct call: No video and audio on one side while calls are happening in different browsers

There is no audio and video coming on one side during a direct call if both users are connecting from different browsers. If users connect through browsers from the same manufacturer, the video calls work perfectly.

Eg: Chrome + Firefox → No video/audio
Chrome + Chrome → No problem

The application which has the problem is listening for calls. ie, the SendBird instance is already there. But, on the other side, the instance is created at the beginning of the call. Also, the call can only be initiated from one side. React JS is used as UI for calls.

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Version: 1.9.3

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Providing gist of hook used in the project.

As mentioned above, the project is in react. The user who is only attending calls is logged in, the Sendbird is initialized and listens for calls. and when the user who is initializing the call logs in, nothing happens on the Sendbird side. if the user click the call button, the Sendbird SDK initializes and calls the dial method.

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The issue is occurring for every call as per the description.

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Due to this issue, users from different browser platforms cannot use the call feature in the application.