Direct Video Call - mute option

I have a question:

I have “Direct call” with Video between 2 users. I would like to add “Mute” Button, where user can mute himself.
Is there method to mute / unmute audio when using video call?

Hi @developer,

Yes, there is a method to mute and unmute microphones in the Calls SDK. Please see the following doc page here:

Thanks @Ian_Wright

Yes, that is working correctly! It’s properly handling muting audio in voice or video calls.
For future reference - here is my final code:

    if (this.state.displayEnd) {
      button2 = (
              className="btn--control u-m2"
              onClick={() => this.muteCall()}
            {this.state.isMuted ? <VolumeOffIcon/> : <VolumeUpIcon/>}

and the method:

    this.setState({isMuted: !this.state.isMuted},() => {

      if(this.state.isMuted) {;
      } else {;