Documentation for how polls are sent to Webhooks

I can’t see any documentation of how poll details are sent to the group_channel::message_send webhook. I can see that webhook does give me a message ID I can lookup as a message (with include_poll_details set). Is the documentation for webhooks out of date, or do I really need to make an extra API call (which seems inefficient and is another point of failure).

Hello @cgraham, Welcome to Sendbird Community.

Currently, poll details are not included in the event payload but I raised a feature request to our engineering team.

I will keep you posted with updates as I hear from them.

Thank you. Can I assume group_channel::message_send is called for a poll-message at least?

Yes, group_channel::message_send event will be triggered whenever a poll is created.

Is there anyway to see if a message is a poll from the data sent to webhooks? I see nothing documented and that there is no special ‘type’ value for a poll. Would it come down to us populating ‘custom_type’?

Please try include_poll_details and let me know if it helps.

I had a longer discussion in our private support channel. In short, we’re trying to avoid making an extra API call (include_poll_details) unless we already know if it is a poll. This is to avoid overhead on both our ends. I’ll close this topic to avoid further confusion.

EDIT: Oh I can’t close the topic, the close button is to close the reply overlay, lol. Please close for me.