Embed moderator tool in React app

I’m building an application using sendbird for my client app.
We already have a React dashboard for the app and we want to include Sendbird in our react dashboard so the client can have one place to access all related stuff to the app.
We want the user to do the following from the react app
1- See all of the channels created
2- Create a new channel and add users to that channel
3- Chat within that channel

Can you please guide me to the way of doing that ?
I’m getting confused between users, moderators and weather I should put that logic from Sendbird UI kit or what exactly

Thanks in advance

What you’re looking to achieve would be something you’d likely need to build using the Platform APIs. The SDKs have only user context and thus cannot see all channels created. Thus the Sendbird Dashboard is typically what we recommend for these use cases.

You’ll need to wrap the Platform API in a service on your own backend in order to prevent exposure of the Sendbird API keys.