Enhancement: Cursor to Tap

SendBird UIKit: 2.2.3
OS: Android

Hey everyone,

On Android user/front end, I’ve observed in the message compose, that tapping a position in the message does not move the cursor there. Instead, it goes to the end of the text body. See my image for a better view of what’s happening.

On iOS, this does not happen. That is, the cursors goes to the tapped position in the message body.


  1. Is there some implementation/configuration we have done wrong on Anrdoid?
  2. If not, is this something we can change in the UIKit?

Hi @CLocs

When UIKit shows the keyboard up, UIKit sets the selection to the end of the text. It is possible to move the cursor by dragging.

Unfortunately, we don’t support any configuration about it. If you look into our UIKit open source code, you can remove MessageInputView line 205; it makes the cursor moving possible.

Hi @Doo_Rim,

Thank you for replying. Yes, dragging moves the cursor – but this is a work-around. Ideally, the cursor moves to the tapped position – like all other editing/composing application behaviors.

Thank you for the solution regarding source code change. I would rather make a change for the whole SendBird community. I want to make this a feature request. Can you help or what should I do?

Hi @CLocs
We will release the fixed version next week!

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Hey @Doo_Rim,

That’s exciting. Thanks so much for your fast and effective response.

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Hi @CLocs UIKit v2.2.5 was released!

Hey @Doo_Rim. It works and it’s great. Thank you for doing this. This will help me and all Android users who edit text – who are thus are writing thoughtfully. And we support that. Cheers to SendBird!