Error calling get message by id for message sent before user joins a group channel

When adding a reaction to a message or fetching a message that was sent before a user joined the channel the following error occurs (Setting to see chat history is enabled in dashboard) :
error adding reaction ==> [SendbirdError: Invalid value: “Invalid ‘message_id’ value, cannot fetch past messages when chat-history is disabled.“.]

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const params: MessageRetrievalParams = {
includeReactions: true,
includeParentMessageInfo: true,

    const message = await sb.message.getMessage(params);
    const reactionResp = await channel.addReaction(message, emojiObject.key);

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All the time
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I cannot add a reaction to previous message after I joined channel


If chat history is disabled, it means that its not intended for the user to access any messages prior to them joining. This means that they should not be able to react or fetch a message that was sent prior to them joining the room. If you want to allow a user to do this, you’ll need to enable this on the Dashboard in the settings.

Please note that this setting is not retroactive and only applies to users who join channels AFTER the setting has been enabled.