Error code 400304: Application is not found

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Our application is making multiple POST requests to the endpoint:


and all of them are failing with error code 400304: Application is not found. This is followed by SendbirdError: Failed to refresh the session key.

I’ve triple checked that both the APP_ID and USER_ID are valid. In addition, the connection usually succeeds if I refresh the page, before failing again after a few minutes.

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React UIKit, version 3.3.6

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const configureSession = (sdk: SendbirdGroupChat | SendbirdOpenChat) => {
const sessionHandler = new SessionHandler();
sessionHandler.onSessionTokenRequired = (resolve, reject) => {
return sessionHandler;



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On every page refresh–after a few minutes after initially successfully connecting.

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A page refresh must be done to reset the connection.

Hello @notey,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

This endpoint is intended to be an internal only endpoint and thus should not be called by you. With sessionHandlers, you should be fetching new sessionTokens, not sessionKeys: