Hello regarding Add or remove a channel event handler | Chat JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs. How do we define a UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID? is it the user id? or just a random unique string? and I also know what is the UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID for? how sendbird matches the UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID when it published an event.

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The UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID is a unique identifier that you define for each channel event handler. It can be any string value that you choose. The purpose of the UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID is to distinguish between different event handlers that you register.

When an event occurs in a channel, Sendbird uses the UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID to match the event with the corresponding event handler. This allows the event handler to receive and handle the event appropriately.

For example, if you register multiple channel event handlers with different UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID values, each event handler will only receive events that are matched with its corresponding UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID. This allows you to have different event handlers for different purposes or components in your application.

How Sendbird know which UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID it will be sent to? or should I don’t care about it?

To define a UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID, you can assign any unique identifier of your choice. This identifier is used to distinguish between different event handlers when registering multiple concurrent handlers.

When you add a channel event handler using the SendbirdChat.addChannelHandler() method in the Sendbird Chat JavaScript SDK, you need to provide the UNIQUE_HANDLER_ID as a parameter. This allows Sendbird to associate the handler with the specified identifier.

You should ensure that each event handler has a unique identifier so that Sendbird can correctly route events to the appropriate handler. It is important to choose a unique identifier to avoid conflicts and ensure that events are delivered to the correct handler.

I see. so i just need to provide a unique identifier then sendbird will manage that?