Firefox audio/video calls cause echo on the other device

During a cross-browser audio/video call between Firefox and other browsers, an echo issue arises when no microphones are muted. It appears that the microphone in Firefox might be picking up the speaker’s output, as the echo disappears when the caller/callee mutes their microphone. This behavior is unique to Firefox and does not occur in other scenarios such as Chrome-Chrome calls where there is no echo on either side, or Chrome-Firefox calls where the echo is only experienced on the Chrome side. Additionally, Firefox-iOS calls result in echo on the iOS side.

A potential fix has been implemented to address this echo issue(from previous bug reports), which involves utilizing JavaScript to handle the audio and video elements in the call. Specifically, there are two <video/> elements involved – one for the local participant and another for the remote participant. To prevent local audio from being played back (causing echo) in the local <video/> element, the muted attribute must be included. Here’s an example of how to use it: <video id="viewer_local" autoPlay muted></video>. So this is applied and this fixed echo issue for chrome, but not for firefox.

// What version of the SDK are you using? “@sendbird/chat”: “^4.9.9”, “sendbird-calls”: “^1.10.14”,

[Reproduction Steps] // Please provide reproduction steps and, if possible, code snippets.

  1. Initiate an audio/video call between Firefox and any other device/browser.
  2. Ensure that both microphones are not muted.
  3. Observe that an echo occurs, originating from the Firefox side, as the other device picks up sound from the Firefox user.
  4. When either party (caller or callee) mutes their microphone, the echo disappears.

[Frequency] // Every time.

[Current impact] // This issue significantly affects the user experience for Firefox users, rendering the audio and video call feature unusable due to the persistent echo problem. It’s crucial to address this problem promptly to provide consistent and reliable cross-browser communication for all users.

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