FontSet for React UIKit


I am using sendbird-uikit: 2.5.2 in our React web app. I think I know the answer, but need to confirm that, as it stands now, there is no font set configuration exposed in UIKit, so I could pass our custom fonts to customize existing UIKit components? The only styling related configuration exposed is colorSet if I’m right?

Is forking UIKit a go to approach for this?

Hi @robert.jezyk

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Yes, you are right! Currently, React UIKit only supports ColorSet and Text localization since you can customize UI via CSS.

Thanks for response @Miyoung_Han,

So what you’re saying is UIKit supports providing custom CSS or is it being done via CSS classes?
Can you point me out to place in the docs, with some examples of this approach?

You don’t provide the custom CSS file separately. However, you can inspect and override the className on your own CSS file.