Get incoming call notifications in a fully stopped app

We are not able to get the notification for a call to come up after an app is fully closed (ie Force Stopped, not in background/foreground). The previous way we did this is through FCM notifications, however the docs for Sendbird mention only using the data type FCM notifications which from our past experience will not deliver if the app is fully shut… What is the way to get the notification if the app is fully shut (like WhatsApp for example does)


Could you please help

@Nathan.Park Could you help out Nathan?

Hi @David_K. Yes, you’re right. AFAIK, data type FCM will not be delivered to the force_stopped app. But I wonder your application’s UX scenario which goes to the force_stopped? Just in case some users force stop the app through Settings app?

Thanks for the initial reply @Nathan.Park, so there are 3 cases I see.

  1. User enters the running apps / recent apps and swipes up the app from recent app.
  2. User restarts their device
  3. User force stops through the settings app (this is the one you mentioned)
    All 3 are handled by for example an app like WhatsApp

@David_K I’ll reach out to you after I check those cases.

Hi @David_K. In my observation, a user could receive a notification in case 2. And a user can’t receive it in case 3. And in case of case 1, I tested with several devices and I figured out the status of an application was different depends on the manufacturer. I used adb shell dumpsys package com.sendbird.calls.quickstart | grep stopped command to observe the status of an application.
Could you let me know which devices you tested?

Hey @Nathan.Park, so I have been testing on a OnePlus 6 and on a OnePlus Pro. Why can’t we receive in case of 3, does Sendbird not support this?

Hey @David_K. I tested with Oxygen OS(OnePlus) and found out that the device went to stopped=true when a user swipes up the app only if the battery optimization is true. If you turn off the battery optimization mode, you could receive the push notification even in case of 1. (Of course, you are not able to receive the push notification in case of 3 in any situation.)

Could you check if you can turn off the battery optimization mode from your application code? If you can, I think it could be solved, am I right?

Hey @Nathan.Park, It is not fixed and here is another strange thing (I am using the send bird quick start app)

@David_K Thank you for your report. First of all, may I regard the previous issue as resolved?
And a new issue is happening on the same device?

Sure, yes the issue happen on the same device @Nathan.Park