Group channel limit 100, instance 300?

i don’t get that.

group channel limit 100, instance 300?
can anyone explain to me what is the dedicated instance 300?

does it mean like
‘dedicated instance’ = ‘own server’???

Hi @trytoremember, and welcome to the Sendbird community!

A dedicated instance is an available option on our Enterprise plan. We will host your Organization’s applications on a dedicated server.

thank you for your comment. @Ian_Wright
but, now it’s more confusing… :frowning:

  1. what is the difference between
    dedicated instance -
    dedicated server -

  2. is the below correct?
    dedicated instance - enterprise plan
    dedicated server - up to 300? 100?

  3. is the limit costomizable?

They have the same meaning. It is your own server instance that is available to you as an option on the enterprise plan. If you are on a dedicated instance, the limit is 300 members in a group channel.

No, the limits for a group channel are 100 members in a shared instance and 300 members in a dedicated instance.

If you need more members in a group channel, we have an available feature called Supergroups that allow for large groups of users (up to 2,000 members on the Pro plan and up to 20,000 members on the Enterprise plan)