Groupchannel (super channel) -> How to allow only operators to chat, while other members can view messages — set is_broadcast to true?


We want to have SuperGroup channels in which only operators can chat, while other members have a read only state. It seems the SDKs and APIs have an is_broadcast field which would achieve exactly that. We cannot discover how to make a Groupchannel is_broadcast only. How do we do this?

The freezing channel feature seems similar, however a frozen channel has unwanted side effects in the UIKit.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @vibonacci,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this question. I’m looking into whether broadcast channels have officially been released yet so I’ll follow up on that. In the mean time, it may be best to understand what your use case is for these types of channels. Is the goal to allow a conversation between multiple people while allowing others to follow? Or, is the goal to have a channel where users can “subscribe” to receive admin messages as more of an information channel.

In terms of the unwanted side affects, could you let us know what specifically is unwanted? Maybe there is a way for us to work around those.

Thank you for the reply.

We discovered is_broadcast in the code across platforms and as a property of channels. It being in a ‘beta’ state explains why it is not possible to set it to true, and why it’s not documented in the Sendbird docs.

The simplest way to describe our use case is to see it as an ‘announcement’ channel: only operators can ‘chat’, while other members can read those messages. We don’t want to use the announcement feature, we just want operators to be the only ones able to chat.

Regarding ‘frozen’ channels in the UIKit. When a channel is frozen, in UIKit across platforms, a banner on top is shown with ‘Channel frozen’ for example. We are aware that we can simply remove these UI elements, but we’d rather not tinker further with the UIKit if a better solution exists.


Makes total sense. I think freezing is probably the immediate solution, with broadcast. channels being an option once they are considered GA.