Handle Unread channels first then read channels


I am creating an application where the user navigates to a screen to see the channels they are in. The logic I am wanting is that the user sees all their unread channels at the top and all their read channels underneath the read channels. I am finding that this is very difficult as I cannot add an order of GroupChannelListOrder.unread (or something like that). Due to this, if the user responds to a bunch of channels, it is possible on future returns for the user to not see their unread channels in the first query load as it will have been pushed to the bottom of the list when using GroupChannelListOrder.LATEST_LAST_MESSAGE.



Current impact

This is creating a disconnect on our FE as getTotalUnreadChannelCount is returning a number greater than 0, but the users do not see their unread channels as they’re further down the list and cannot be sorted/filtered to the top on FE.