Hide setting button in SBUChannelViewController

I am currently using UIKit version 1.0.9.

Is it possible to hide navigation right setting button

so user can’t invite other user.

I want make only 1 to 1 chat rooms.

Hello @Dennis_Song,

If you want to hide the navigation bar button, you can inherit the SBUMemberListViewController and set a nil value for rightBarButton in the initialization function.

Try it and let me know if you need any help!

I inherit SBUChannelViewController and set nil value for rightBarButton.

And it worked!!

Thank you for quick reply.

What about android?

is it possible to hide tool bar menu right button?

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Oh, thank goodness! :grinning:

This topic is an iOS issue, so I think the Android team maybe couldn’t check it immediately.
I’ll mention it to the Android team.

Hi, I am UIKit android developer.

You can hide header, right button.
You can check the list of setter in below link.

Thank you!

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Thank you for follow up!! @Tez, @Doo_Rim

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