Historical User Joined Channel Event Information for a Given Group Channel?

Hi all,

I’m struggling to find how to incorporate a ‘user joined’ text into our chat screen (see attached picture), specifically, how I can retrieve these joined events from sendbird for a given group channel. I understand there is the onUserJoined event, but this would only be for new events within the current session. For a full solution, I would I also need to be able to show these ‘user joined’ messages historically. (for example when the user scrolls backwards in time, they could see at which point in time between messages each user has joined)

Is this information somehow hidden in the message collection or determinable from the channel itself? I’ll keep sifting through the documentation, but I thought I would ask here for help / speedier solution :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 11.53.42

Does anybody have any ideas or has implemented this? I see this feature is in sendbird’s UI Kit for web, but I can’t hunt down in the source how these events are retrieved and shown.

Hey @fullStackChris, apologies for the delayed response here. There currently is no way to retrieve this type of data from the channel. You could use the auto event messages that are available in the dashboard. These system automatically sends an ADMM message to the channel with the data you’re looking for.

An alternative would be to utilize a webhook service to create your own version of this process and then you could add data to the channel object or send your own custom ADMM messages.

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