HMS push notifications integration

Hi everyone,
I’m not receiving any push notification from sendbird after register HMS push kit token. Do you know if it is needed a special configuration besides push kit integration?

Hi @Juan_Jose_Sebastian,

Could you DM me the following information, and I can take a look:

  • Application ID
  • user_id of a user who should have received a push
  • Time frame where you tested pushes so I can narrow down search (Please include timezone).
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I sent you a DM. Did u find anything?

Hi @Juan_Jose_Sebastian,

Sorry about the delay. I had some priority issues come up. Let me look into this right now. Give me 30-45 minutes to see what I can dig up.

Hi @Juan_Jose_Sebastian,

I took a look at our logging. We see three instances on 09/28 where we sent notifications via HMS.
In each instance, we sent notifications to 6 device tokens registered to your user, and HMS returned to us that all 6 were successful.