How can you send voice messages/notes?

Hi, I would like to implement voice notes or voice messages for the chats, as Whatsapp or Telegram does. I have not seen that option in UIKit, only regular chat messages and attachment of files and images.

How do you go with implementing such feature. Is it built-in in any external plugin or is it in the SDK and I didn’t see it?

If not included, my first thought was to make a custom bubble message, and send the voice notes as regular file attachment and make the apps detect that the file is audio and use my custom bubble message with a Play button on it.

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It’s not included, but you nailed the solution pretty much with your last paragraph :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @raulmunoz ,

Unfortunately, our UIKit does not support this functionality yet.
However, we will plan to support new message types like voice messages, GIF messages in Q3, 2022.

If you want to implement the voice messages/notes via UIKit now, you may customize our UIKit open source.

Hi Miyoung,
Please can you help me to how customize your UIKit open source to send voice note message and shared location message.

Hi @abeer.abdelatif ,

You can create your own custom messages and might utilize them on customMessageCell on SBUChannelViewController(v2) or SBUGroupChannelModule.List(V3).

// v2
channelViewController.register(customMessageCell: MyCustomMessageCell)

// v3
listComponent.register(customMessageCell: MyCustomMessageCell)
listComponent.configure(delegate: self, dataSource: self, theme: theme)

After creating the custom cell, you should override the cellForRowAt method on SBUChannelViewControlloer(SBUGroupChannelModule.List)in order to draw the tableView.

You can also refer to the following guide.