How do I know how many people are currently on a group channel?

If I call [ groupChannel.joinedMemberCount ] using the [ sb.GroupChannel.getChannel(“channelUrl”, function(groupChannel, error) {… ] function to find out the number of people currently joining the group channel, “undefined” is returned. .

I’d appreciate it if you could tell me which method to use to get the current number of people on a group channel.

Hello, @2_2 Welcome to Sendbird Community!

You should be able to get the details using the same call. Can you please check and confirm if the user is a member of the channel or not? Also, you need to check the status of the user.

The status should be ‘joined’ not ‘invited’. For this, you can query from platform API the channel with members and there the status appears.

This API will give you list of all members: Group channel | Chat JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs

Please let me know if this helps.