How enable the logLevel for Sendbird Widget Chat?

Hi @Sravan_S, @imju, @Jason,

I used the sendbird chat widget (js version) in my application.
Now I want to enable all types of logging (LogLevel) for sendbird chat. Along with that, I want to trace that log via console.log.

How I enable the logging in chat widget JS version and in which .js file I need to implement it.
I found the below link to enable the chat, but not sure which section to implement it.

Thanks in advance!

@tahiralvi Hi there. I trust you are well.

I think you can add the logging as below.

import Sendbird from 'sendbird';

const sb = new SendBird({"app_id":"YOUR_APP_ID"})

Also, if you open your browser console and filter the Network traffic by WS then click Messages you will be able to see Sendbird live websocket events.

Thanks a lot, @Jason for your reply,

However, I have used the Sendbird SDK v3.0.132 js version in my application. I haven’t find the setLogLevel() function in it.

Note: I have try to implement it in widget.js file.

Below error, I have got.

TypeError: sendbird__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_25___default.a.setLogLevel is not a function