How to change the ID of already created users in sendbird?

How can we change the ID of the existing user who are already created in the SB. The option seems to be disabled on our SB dashboard was wondering if it was possible to request an update for the same using API or any other way ?

Hello @Gaurav_Sarma and welcome to the Sendbird Community!

Unfortunately there is no way to change the User Id of an existing user. One possible workaround is you can create a new user with a new User Id and invite them to all the same channels before disabling the old user.

Thank you @Adam.Oleksiak for your response.

Can you please help us with an API for inviting the newly created user to the same channels ?
So that we can do this from our backend without affecting the user on our frontend apps.

@Gaurav_Sarma you could do the following:

Use the following endpoint to get all the group channels that the previous user was a member of, you will need to use the members_include_in parameter to limit the query to just that user’s channels.

Then for each channel url returned you can invite the new user using the following, including the new user in user_ids parameter.