How to export data from a Sendbird Chat application

To export your Sendbird chat application data, you can use the data export feature provided by Sendbird. This feature allows you to retrieve messages, channels, users, and failed webhook data from your app and export the results as CSV or JSON formatted files. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to export your Sendbird chat application data:

  1. Determine the data type and time period

Decide which data type you want to export (message, channel, user, or failed webhook) and specify the time period for which you want to export the data. The time period is set using the start_ts and end_ts properties in the request.

  1. Make an API request

Use the Sendbird API to make a request for data export. The API endpoint for data export is /v3/export/{data_type}. Replace {data_type} with the specific data type you want to export (e.g., messages, channels, users, failed_webhooks).

  1. Handle the response

Once the API request is made, you will receive a response containing the exported data. The data will be in either CSV or JSON format, depending on your preference. You can then handle the response and save the exported data to your desired location.

Refer to the example below on how to export message data during the time period between 1630000000 and 1631000000 in Unix milliseconds from your Chat application using the Sendbird API:

GET /v3/export/messages?start_ts=1630000000&end_ts=1631000000

Once you receive the response, you can save the exported message data as a CSV or JSON file for further analysis or storage.

Note: The data export feature is designed to retrieve the state of a specific data type at the exact time of data export, not for any past time period. If you want to keep track of day-to-day data state, you will need to implement your own code and make periodic API requests.

Please refer to the Sendbird API documentation for more details on the data export feature and the specific API endpoints for each data type.

Please note that daily data exports are possible upon request as part of a custom plan. If you wish to add this feature to your plan, please contact us at