How to handle a case on iOS when user changes their username?

Hi folks, I’m using the iOS Swift Package.

I’ve got a case where I init Sendbird nicely like this:
. SBUGlobals.CurrentUser = SBUUser.init(userId:"John", nickname:nil, profileUrl:nil)

but if the user changes their userID, a call like this doesn’t seem to make a difference:
. SBUGlobals.CurrentUser = SBUUser.init(userId:"Mike", nickname:nil, profileUrl:nil)

I tried doing this first, but it didn’t seem to help:
. SBUGlobals.CurrentUser = nil

Is there a good way to handle the changing of a userName?

Hi @Greg_Wishart,

If you pass in something other than nil for the nickname, does it update? Nil is likely ignored as a way to login without specifying the nickname.