How to link to specific URLs of the Sendbird Dashboard/

Hey there - we have our own internal admin portal that we use to manage our users and more. I’d like to add a link to our portal that goes to the Sendbird dashboard for a specific user or channel.

Just looking at the URLs, I see a page for a user on the dashboard has a URL that looks like this:

However, if I go to that URL I get redirected to the regardless of if I’m logged in or not. The sign-in page has the URL I went to as a next param, but even that doesn’t work.

It would save our internal ops people time if going to these URLs works. Hope this is something you can fix!

  • Jared

I’m unsure specifically what you’re running into but when I link to a user like I have no problems being redirected to that specific user every time.

Please see this screen recording. Happens in Chrome & Safari on Mac.

This has started working for me now.