How to use SyncManager with the latest `SendbirdChatSDK`

Hello there!

We are willing to use SyncManager, with the officially supported v4 SDK.

The SyncManager only installs the deprecated SDK, which will no longer be supported.

We are willing to get the chat feature out quickly with offline support.

Let us know how can we achieve this.

Hello @Sunil_Chauhan, Welcome back to Sendbird Community!

Local caching is available with the latest Sendbird Chat SDK. Both local caching and SyncManager enables Sendbird Chat SDK for iOS to locally cache and retrieve data related to group channels and messages. However, local caching is integrated into Chat SDK while SyncManager is an external add-on. Being internally integrated into Chat SDK allows for easier maintenance, improved stability, and enhanced usability.

Documentation of Local caching - Local caching | Chat iOS SDK | Sendbird Docs

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Thank you @uday.bhaskar !

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