I want to sort users in invite user list how can we achieve this?

Im not using custom list, is it possible to do it using SBUUserListModule or SBUUserListViewModel

Hello @harsha

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Yes. By overriding data source method called SVUBaseSelectUserModuleListDataSource/baseSelectUserModule(_:usersInTableView:) it’s possible to show sorted users.

Reference: Documentation

The list module will draw the table view with the user list values that returned by the data source method.

Let me know if this helps.

If I’m not wrong For this I should add custom view controller which inherits from SBUInviteUserViewController and override above said method right ?

What I was thinking is more of setting MemberListQuery in global level to .nicknameAlphabetical with out creating custom view controller… this is so handy.

Hi @harsha

Currently, member list queries do not provide global-level settings. Therefore, you should use the method of overriding the View Controller.

Query settings at the global level are included in the our list but there is no ETA as of now for the same.