I wonder if the api used for service registration for Android fcm is HTTP API or HTTP V1 API

To use fcm, you need to put a server key, but I wonder if this is HTTP API or HTTP V1 API. I am curious because the value changes when I enter the server key.

Hello @Yeonho_Jung

We are still using the legacy API only.

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Hmm I entered the server key and ran the steps, but no notification comes from android.
In the firebase console, it transfers fine, what could be the problem?

Push notification sent.

Check the device. If a callback function isn’t implemented in the client app, a push notification may not show on the device.

Hmm When sending from the dashboard, it says send completed, but it is not displayed.
Notifications come well in the firebase console, and does sendbird need additional settings?
I currently put the token through react-native-firebase/message and checked that the token is correct.
Notifee is not being used.

Server key is displayed, but I feel strange that senderId is not displayed.

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Hmm, rn’s default setting was a notification object, not data. Let’s find a way to fix this. thank you

May I know the original payload when sending the hmm notification?

  "to": "c6WX_7xBSPC5tRQyip6pOJ:APA91bEhMUj9JfPJSzuTY0TEiCjKPSETb9Pc9Bnxc-dDRn96TswQE0GsxruEGDovNPo77tR_WFudeOPJuEUH4yn9jQAtWT8UOh6Vbf_DrFSruvvOqqzeSRBsFZILDZblWwnfEAsPhK_Y",
  "priority": "high",
  "notification" : {
    "title" : "Postman",
    "message" : "fcm test"

When sending in this form it worked.

Also, is it possible to know or set the channel id of the android receiving the message?

    "sentTime": 1690970481018,
    "data": {
        "sendbird": "{\"push_tracking_id\":\"62dc4a9375ebcfaca2d8177f49ceaeb62e173f6a\",\"sqs_ts\":1690970480780,\"custom_type\":\"\",\"channel\":{\"channel_unread_message_count\":4,\"custom_type\":\"\",\"name\":\"Push Notification Tester\",\"channel_url\":\"pushtesttool8b0ca1408549b75da5a856cc392faa21\"},\"created_at\":1690970480699,\"message_id\":5690705846,\"message\":\"Test message sent at 19:01:20 on 08-02-2023\",\"type\":\"ADMM\",\"unread_message_count\":4,\"push_title\":null,\"audience_type\":\"only\",\"push_sound\":\"default\",\"translations\":{},\"recipient\":{\"name\":\"정연호\",\"push_template\":\"default\",\"id\":\"1\"},\"session_key\":{\"topics\":[\"delivery_receipt\"],\"key\":\"eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJhcHAiOiIxRjRERTA1Ni0yMTRFLTRCQzUtODUyOC1DMTJCNDJGOEE3QkQiLCJleHAiOjE2OTA5NzEwODAsImlhdCI6MTY5MDk3MDQ4MCwic3ViIjoiMSIsImp0aSI6IjQ1NTk4YWRiNjJhZTQyNGQ4MTZlNzczZWE3YzcwMWI3IiwidG9waWNzIjpbImRlbGl2ZXJ5X3JlY2VpcHQiXSwic3ZjIjpbImNoYXQiLCJmZWVkIl19.1D0s2Wfd3KUQsgwy2qVdGZQJMv37EBA9AAX-PCkz8yc\"},\"files\":[],\"category\":\"messaging:offline_notification\",\"channel_type\":\"group_messaging\",\"mentioned_users\":[],\"app_id\":\"1F4DE056-214E-4BC5-8528-C12B42F8A7BD\"}",
        "message": "Test message sent at 19:01:20 on 08-02-2023"
    "messageId": "0:1690970481048635%269727bef9fd7ecd",
    "ttl": 2419200,
    "from": "791065559698"

It seems to be in this form, but can’t it be put in a notification?