In android, GroupChannel unReadMembersCount always 0

In my project, When all user enter the group channel, I always call channel.markAsRead()
But, when other user enter the channel, channel.getReadMembers(message, true) returns 0
And also channel.getUnreadMemberCount(message) returns 0
Please help me…

Hi @11118,
If I understand your scenario correctly, all users will call channel.markAsRead() on entering a channel, so when other user enter the channel, that user will also call channel.markAsRead(), is this correct?
If so, then you’re expecting to get a list of that “other user” and yourself as a result from channel.getReadMembers(message, true), right?

getReadMembers() will return an empty list if the given message is an admin message, or if the channel is a super channel. Could you check if this is not the case?