includeEmptyChannel support in UIKit react native

Hi there,

I am new to send bird and I have a couple of questions for anyone who can answer -

  1. I have integrated the UIKit for react native, but unfortunately, I am not able to get the list of channels that have zero messages but I want them. Is there a way by which I can achieve this ?

  2. I have a scenario where I have to create a 1:1 channel and not a group. I know that we can create a group with 2 people and would act the same, but I have certain things that only 1:1 chat can fulfill i.e.
    2.1. Lets say User A and B have a channel in common, When User A gets the channel list, he should see the name of User B instead of any channel name that we keep, and vice versa when User B gets the chat list, I really dont want any kind of group name. And the same goes for the profile picture and Online/offline indicator.

I would also appreciate if someone can suggest if I should go with the javascript chat sdk or UIKit react native.
My app is in React native.

Thanks in advance