Inconsistent channel names between environments

We have two sendbird applications, one for staging/qa and production. In the staging version the names for the cards in the ChannelList fragment have always shown as the other user’s nickname which is the behavior I would expect.

When we deployed this to our prod env. the channel names are showing as
<user one nickname> - <user two nickname>.

Any idea what property/setting might be causing this difference. I was thinking it would have to be at the dashboard level, but I don’t see any differences there in the UIKit config.


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[UIKit Version]

    "@sendbird/chat": "^4.10.7",
    "@sendbird/uikit-chat-hooks": "^3.4.0",
    "@sendbird/uikit-react-native": "^3.4.0",
    "@sendbird/uikit-react-native-foundation": "^3.4.0",

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Hello @Dehn_Hunsworth,

Is it only displaying this way or is the channel actually named this? The application itself wouldn’t alter this. Alternatively, you can provide me a channel_url and and application_id and I can take a look.