Incorrect Argument Lable


I am getting this error “Incorrect argument label in call (have ‘frame:’, expected ‘coder:’)” while integrating video call SDK.

How to solve this one?

Hey @Gaurav_Kumar,

Would you be able to show me where that is occurring? Also what SDK, and version you are working off of?


Here is the screenshot of the error. I am using the iOS Video Call SDK latest version from Github. Also, I am using X-Code Version 11.3.1 and Swift 4.2

Hmm, that code is the correct code for SendbirdVideoView. I have not been able to test on 11.3.1, I am on 12. I assume you followed all the instructions on the read me?

  1. Install Git LFS
  2. Change podfile if neccessary.
  3. Pod install/update

Have you ever been able to run the sample?