Integrate Sendbird call and sendbird in React Native

Hi guys,
I’m using React Native version 0.67.4, after I followed the tutorial from this post (How to build a chat app using React Native and Hooks - Sendbird), it worked fine, after that I continued to integrate video chat with Sendbird call, followed this tutorial (How to build a React Native video chat app with Sendbird Calls), I’m using local server btw, after I completed all the steps, I can build the IOS app, but it showed a lot of errors (Invalid Parameter) and with Android app I can’t even make it run, it crashed right after it opened. I’m new user so I can’t attached the evidences.
My question is:

  • I want to use both chat and video chat in my application, do I need to init it with both Sendbird and SendbirdCall
  • Is there any example repository that make the chat and chat video work together?

Hi @Hans_Vu,

If you like to use both Voice and chat SDK in a single app, You will require to initialize both SDK when the app is started. As of now, we do not have a specific sample with both chat and call SDK.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.