Invalid ID 0x00000000 after the migrating to Sendbird Sdk Uikit 3.5.3

After completing the migration and replacing everything that was needed to be replaced I’ve got this message : Invalid ID 0x00000000

[UIKit Version]

[Reproduction Steps]
It happens in com.sendbird.uikit.fragments.ChannelFragment.
The only thing I’ve done is :

class CustomChannelFragment : ChannelFragment()

Even if it says “custom” it doesn’t apply/change anything

What I know for sure is that the number of time it shows in logcat it’s twice the number of blobs presents in my chat. ( example : I’ve got 3 messages, and in logcat it show 6 times this message )

Via debug I’ve only got the fact that happens before displaying the messages of the current selected chat.

My targetSdkVersion is 33 and my kotlin version is 1.8.0 I don’t know how much ( it’s unrelated but who knows if it helps you )

Another two things I’ve noticed are these warnings:

  • Method exceeds compiler instruction limit: 32264 in void<init>(,,

  • Method exceeds compiler instruction limit: 18826 in void


[Current impact]
It doesn’t actually ruin the ui/ux , but It’s obviously something that shouldn’t happen.