iOS SDKs Invalid Bundle

Hi I am getting the following error message from apple after integrating the Sendbird SDKs and SendbirdCalls from cocoapods:

ITMS-90562: Invalid Bundle - The app submission can not be successfully recompiled from bitcode due to missing symbols during linking. You can try to reproduce and diagnose such issues locally by following the instructions from: Technical Note TN2432: Troubleshooting App Thinning and Bitcode Build Failures

ITMS-90562: Invalid Bundle - Disallowed LLVM instrumentation. Do not submit apps with LLVM profiling instrumentation or coverage collection enabled. Turn off LLVM profiling or code coverage, rebuild your app and resubmit the app.

Tried to turn off the code coverage from pods build settings not fixing the issue.
I am using the latest SDKs:
pod ‘SendBirdCalls’, ‘~> 1.7.0’
pod ‘SendBirdSDK’, ‘~> 3.0.225’

Kindly Advice,
Thank you

@Hisham_Noureddine Thank you for the report!

It seems like there might have been some problem when releasing the framework.
I will look into it and let you know when I find something. :slight_smile:


Hello @Hisham_Noureddine ,
We identified the issue and released iOS SDK version 1.7.1 which should fix the issue! Release 1.7.1 · sendbird/sendbird-calls-ios · GitHub
Could you please try again with the new version and see if it works? :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, the new release works fine

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I’m having a similar issue when uploading a version with bitcode activated it ends up being invalid. this issue started after we switch the library from cartage to use SPM we already had all our other libraries on SPM

@mininny I’m currently using swift package manager ‘SendBirdSDK’ → 3.1.1

currently I can only see a meaning full line for this issue Status when doing and enterprise archive:
` ipatool failed with an exception: ${sendbirdlibarypath} #<CmdSpec::NonZeroExitException: $pid 70721 exit 1

I can DM you a screenshot of the full description