Is there any problems using Korean languages in UIKit?

This component is based on simple logic that sendbird provided.


When we write korean languages using a keyboard, the last word repeats itself.

If we copy and paste other languages, It doesn’t happen.

Can I solve this problem?

Hey @Junhee_Lee,

This is interesting. This seams to only be an issue if I actually type out Korean. If I copy and paste, it’s not an issue. Let me circle with our team and see if I can uncover what is going on.

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Hi @Tyler

Thanks for answering my questions :smile:

Hi @Tyler,

Is there any update on this issue?

I think the problem still remains in the App.

I’ll appreciate if you reply to me :grin:

Hey @Junhee_Lee, I apologize. I’ve had some priority issues require my attention. Let me try and look at this today.


It’s strange. I’m actually no longer able to reproduce this in your sample application, and not able to reproduce it using our standard Sendbird App sample. Have you made any changes to your sample app since I lasted looked at it? (When I last commented).

Hi @Tyler,

I didn’t chage anything.

For I think my sendbird APP_ID was expired.

Can you access this url - quickstart ?

When I check this quick start app again, It still has a same problem.

Hmm. Okay, I was able to reproduce it again. It seems like it may not be consistent.


Are you able to share with me the source code behind your hosted app? When I take our UIKit sample from the Github repo, no matter how many messages I send, I’m unable to reproduce this. It’s very odd. I want to try and rule out any customizations if possible.

Hi @Tyler ,

quick start code is here.

customized App Components is a component in the code.

As you can see, It is a simple code that Sendbird gives to users.

Hi @Junhee_Lee,

I see the difference here. You’re using the V3 beta, I was not. Let me dig into the V3 beta to see what is going on.

Hey @Junhee_Lee,

I had a quick chat with our Engineering team and it looks like this is a known issue that we’re hoping to have fixed in the next release of our V3 beta.

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Hi @Tyler,

Thank you for your help!

I look forward to resolving this issue soon.