Is `usePlatformService().fileService.openCamera()` not available on development?

In implementing a custom Input component for out message groups I noticed that in development mode this code does not work. The camera module does not open and nothing happens.

const { fileService } = usePlatformService();

/// implementing use of `openSheet()` from `useBottomSheet()`

          icon: "camera",
                    onPress: async () => {
            console.log("fileService", JSON.stringify(fileService.openCamera));

            const photo = await fileService
                mediaType: "all",
              .catch((error) => {
                if (error) {
        , "error");

            if (photo) {
              onSendFileMessage(photo).catch((error) => {
      , "error");

When logging photo it just returns null. This same issue is true for fileService.openMediaLibrary() as well.

I also checked in out staging environment and it’s showing the error Couldn't open camera even though permissions are given properly.

[UIKit Version]

every time

[Current impact]
Users aren’t able to upload images.