Issue getting admin message from iOS SyncManager SDK

I’m having trouble retrieving Admin Messages from a Group Channel using the SyncManager SDK and SBSMMessageCollection. After getting the GroupChannel I setup the SBSMMessageCollection this way:

 func setCollection() {
        guard let channel = channel else { return }
        let filter = SBSMMessageFilter()

        let lastSeenAt: Int64? = .max // UserPreferences.lastSeenAt(channelUrl:
        self.collection = SBSMMessageCollection(channel: channel, filter: filter, viewpointTimestamp: lastSeenAt ?? LONG_LONG_MAX)
        self.collection?.delegate = self

The MessageCollection delegate method:
func collection(_ collection: SBSMMessageCollection, didReceive action: SBSMMessageEventAction, succeededMessages: [SBDBaseMessage]) { }

Only returns User and File messages but never any Admin messages. This seems like a iOS SyncManager issue as the Android SyncManager is able to get Admin messages. Also I’m able to get Admin messages by just using the SBDPreviousMessageListQuery and not the SBSMMessageCollection. This is currently blocking Admin messages for the iOS app. Could someone please investigate?

Hello @Darin_Tanaka!
Thank you for the report, I will look into your issue and get back to you once I identify the issue.


Hi @Woo, I just checked. It seems to be working now!
Thanks for fixing this.


@Darin_Tanaka Anytimes :slight_smile: