Issue getting auto image moderation to work

Hi, I’ve tried to activate auto image moderation via the platform API.
I’m doing PUT “…/applications/settings_global” with data
“custom_type”: MY_TYPE,
“image_moderation”: {
“type”: 1,
“limits”: {
“adult”: 3,
“spoof”: 1,
“medical”: 1,
“violence”: 1,
“racy”: 1
“check_urls”: true,
“soft_block”: false

After setting this, every image that I try to upload is blocked.

What am I missing?

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Platform API

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Make an curl request with provided data

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Every time

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Unable to use feature in sendbird, therefore out product feature is delayed

Hello Tsah,

Could you please dm me your application id. I will test this on my end.

Pratham Shingvi
Solutions Architect