Issues using of github repo - rn direct video call

I executed the code from the GitHub repo above

Using the code from that repo, do I need to add all the push functionality to make the call function work?

Here are the cases I’m testing

  1. When both apps(aos, ios - real devices) are turned on, they don’t receive each other’s calls.

  2. When Apple calls Android, Android puts the app in the background, and i can hear the dial tone when it enters the foreground. However, there is no push, just a sound.

  3. When calling from Android to Apple, the app is left in the background on the Apple side, and when it enters the background, there is a push to make a video call → Normal case

Video call connection failed in all other possible cases.
Only 3 case it works now. What can I do to make the calls work? Do I need to make any additional settings?

( I’ve done all the IOS and android native settings, and the build is successful. gave all permissions.
Test results are the same in debug and release mode. All tests were done with real devices)

Hi @sj_h, calls-react-native only supports receiving calls through push notifications.
You need to configure push notifications to receive incoming calls in the quit, background, and foreground.

Please refer to the following links for more information:

Thank you.