Issues with video recording and storage

I’d like to inquire about the video recording.
Sometimes it’s successful.
But usually The file will be saved as 0 bytes.

[Test Information]
I’ve tested the Sendbird Call SDK of Android, but it seems to be not work as recording the video call.

I tested with Galexy Note 10(OS:11) and Galexy S8 (OS: 10) 10 times each cases.

There’re the scenarios that i tested.

  1. Recording the video call for about 3 sec from one call.
  • It works 3 per 10 times.
  1. Recording two times from one call. (less 15 sec.)
  • it doesn’t work.
  1. Recoding the video call over 15 sec from one call.
    • it works 6 per 15 times.

please check the issues and let me know, if I’ve tested by wrong way.

Here is my code
Thank you for helping

Hi @Tobby . Thank you for your report.
I’ll get back to you right after we test it internally.


[Missing Test Results]
Tested for the same number of times between 3 and 15 seconds also did not save normally.
( It works 3 per 10 times.)

Can I get the logs that is written on above image from user side? It would be helpful for clarifying the problem.

Here is the log, Thank you for your help