Issues with video recording and storage

I’d like to inquire about the video recording.
Sometimes it’s successful.
But usually The file will be saved as 0 bytes.

[Test Information]
I’ve tested the Sendbird Call SDK of Android, but it seems to be not work as recording the video call.

I tested with Galexy Note 10(OS:11) and Galexy S8 (OS: 10) 10 times each cases.

There’re the scenarios that i tested.

  1. Recording the video call for about 3 sec from one call.
  • It works 3 per 10 times.
  1. Recording two times from one call. (less 15 sec.)
  • it doesn’t work.
  1. Recoding the video call over 15 sec from one call.
    • it works 6 per 15 times.

please check the issues and let me know, if I’ve tested by wrong way.

Here is my code
Thank you for helping

Hi @Tobby . Thank you for your report.
I’ll get back to you right after we test it internally.


[Missing Test Results]
Tested for the same number of times between 3 and 15 seconds also did not save normally.
( It works 3 per 10 times.)

Can I get the logs that is written on above image from user side? It would be helpful for clarifying the problem.

Here is the log, Thank you for your help

Have you this been solved?
When can you check this issue?

@Tobby @1115 Sorry for the late response. We made a sample project to guide how to record calls. Please check the repo and let us know if the issue still happens on the sample - so we can easily reproduce the issue. Thanks.