Jetpack Compose support via UiKit


I am implementing Chat functionality in an Android app built entirely with Jetpack Compose (latest version).

I have gone through the two example projects in Sendbird UiKit (latest version) and looked at the source of various modules & Fragments. I see that out-of-the-box components such as ChannelListFragment can be embedded in a Composable via AndroidView, however, when a Channel is selected, a new ChannelActivity is presented to the user. This isn’t really an experience we want in the application.

Is there any plan to provide a set of Jetpack Compose components for Android developers to use?

I managed to implement a not-so-elegant solution over the last few days. For anyone interested –

  1. ChannelListFragment and ChannelFragment are wrapped in their own Composables via a AndroidView.
  2. I used one of the techniques discussed in this blog post to get the Fragment behaving correctly when in Composables.
  3. Remember to call SendbirdUIKit.init with the applicationContext in the main Activity or using this in Application class.
  4. Multidex needs to be turned on otherwise the 64K limit causes weird issues in the application.
    5 The Application class must inherit from MultiDexApplication.

Hope this helps someone. It is disappointing to see no one from Sendbird support or engineering post a response in this topic.