List number of unread messages for users

I want to know the number of unread per given users. There is an endpoint to get the number of unread messages per user Get number of unread messages | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs. The problem with it is that I have to call it multiple times. It would be nice to have a new endpoint with the possibility to specify the user ids. Or extend the list users endpoint with the number of unread messages List users | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs

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Well that’s right. We do not have a direct endpoint to do the same. If you need to get this information for multiple users, you would have to iterate over your list of user IDs and make a separate API call for each one.

But I can surely raise a Feature Request for the same but there will not be an ETA. To raise a Feature Request, please share:

  1. Your detailed use case.
  2. Why you need this.
  3. Whhy it’s a blocker for you.
  4. Any workarounds you have tried.

Thanks for the replay.
I want to notify users about unread messages once per day. I can iterate through user IDs and make a separate API call for each, but in this case, I must be aware of API rate limits. It is my main blocker. Of course, I can add some delay between requests but it will prolong the process.