loadMore() function doesnt appear on the GroupChannelCollection in react native

I have a working chat using SB v3.
Im also using it in our app (react native), by publishing the web lib as an npm package and install it on the native app. Its working great.

Currently Im in the process of migrating to SB v4
It goes fairly smoothly, in the web.
But when I publish it as beta, install at on the native app, it seems like some function does not exists on the some of the instances.

In this case the GroupChannelCollection, is lacking methods that are present in the web (the loadMore() function), tho the rest of the class members do appear in the instantiated entity.
The function itself work on the web version and also shown on the SB chat TS
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 14.49.34

What could be the problem and the solution?

Thank you

Can anyone help with the issue?