Localization with Customised Content Template for Push Notifications

Hi awesome community,

I’ve implemented chats’ push notifications in my app with customised content template. The problem I’m facing here is related to push notification localisation. My app support multiple languages. I’ve updated user’s preferred language as mentioned here https://sendbird.com/docs/chat/v3/android/guides/push-notifications#2-push-notification-translation. Also, I’ve customised default content template to New chat on '{channel_name}' from '{sender_name}': {message}. For customisation, I’ve used this guide https://sendbird.com/docs/chat/v3/android/guides/push-notifications#2-push-notification-content-templates. I can’t see any option to supply multiple templates for different languages. My question here’s how to handle custom content template for multilingual support. Please note that I’m not looking for messages translation but for the languages’ support.
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@Asem Hi there.

To use different languages from push notifications you will need to look in the push notification payload only. You can see the payload here.

I’ve attached an document with further explanation. Please note, the name push notification translation could perhaps be better described as fully automatic translation.

[SendBird] Translation - External (5).pdf (89.3 KB)

Hey @Jason thanks for the response.

In my use case, I’m not interested in translation. I want to keep the language of message original. But, as my app has multilingual support, I want to be able to use specific templates for specific language. For example, if my template is {sender_name} has sent you a message: {message}. Then, I would like to have another template for other supported language, say Urdu. So that, I can display the message in user device’s specific language without updating the actual content of the message.

Hello Asem,
As far as I know, Sendbird is based on providing message API and provides UI templates. Multilingual templates are not yet supported.

Hey @ScottKim

Thanks for your response. @Jason what’s the official take on this.