Long messages cropped on Production App


iOS Version : 13.X.X
SBD UIKit Version: 1.0.3

We are using SendBird UI kit on our production app and a client has logged a bug with us that shows whenever she receives a large text message, it gets cropped and the full message won’t be visible. However, if the client copies the message from the message bubble and pastes it somewhere else the whole message is there. Some help with this would be highly appreciated.

Thank You

Hello @Minon_Weerasinghe

The maximum length of a message allowed to be sent through the SendBird SDK is 5000.

Please refer to this document.

Thanks for reporting.

@Minon_Weerasinghe thanks for reporting this issue. Does the above message help resolve your issue? If you’re not reaching the message max limit but still experiencing the bug, then could you please help us reproduce this issue? A video of the issue would help a lot as we have trouble reproducing this issue with messages under 5000 character length.