Media, Ringtone, Alarm Volumes reduced on phone after call end

I noticed a problem where the phone’s other volumes are reduced. After a call is ended when I press the device volume key it still adjust the call volume instead of ringtone or media volume.

Thank you for your report. Let me check it.

it seems this happens only for outgoing calls. I tried set setVolumeControlStream(AudioManager.USE_DEFAULT_STREAM_TYPE); still no effect. It is reverted to previous stream only after I kill app from recents

Hi, @Nathan.Park any updates on this?

Hi, @AK_Infopark_Projects
Sorry for the late response. I was on vacation.
Which SDK version are you using? I was not able to reproduce it on my phone. And there was a modification to the handling of AudioManager.

Just tried that to revert to default audio stream after call end. but no effect regardless of it. you can check it in video