Message limitation

Hi there,
I woud like to ask about the limitation of sending image in Sendbird Chat.

  1. Which are the image formats allowed to send via Sendbird Chat: JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF,…?
  2. What is the file size limitation? Filesize limitation is the limitation of one file, or limitation of the total of all sent files?
  3. In case my file is oversize, what will be the behavior of system: It will be auto resized to meet the size limit to send or marked as failed sending?
    I have checked this document (Send a message in an open channel | Chat Unreal SDK | Sendbird Docs)and it says I can check the limitation in my dashboard, please help to specify the section I can check these infor in the dashboard (If it is available there)
    Thanks a lot and look forward to hearing from you asap.
    Ngoc Pham