Message listener

Hi, is it possible to create listener for just sent messages with React UI kit?


Hello @Evgeny_Zakharchenko,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

You’re looking to create a listener for when the user sends a message? Our SDKs do not provide this functionality as it would be something you could handle locally and not something an event handler would need to trigger.

If you need to do something specific, you could utilize the onBeforeMessageSend() prop to take an action prior to sending a message. Just know you’ll need to return the messageParams in order for the message to still be sent.

Hi @Tyler, onBeforeMessageSend() is not suitable, I need to implement logic after message was sent.

Hi @Evgeny_Zakharchenko,

In this case you would need to implement your own input component so that you can action after the message has been sent.