Message reactions feature not allowing more than 20 reactions on a single message

I am having no issue adding reactions to a message, but once I hit 20 reactions on a single message, I am no longer able to add more.

[SDK Version]

[Reproduction Steps]
channel.addReaction(message, emojiKey)


[Current impact]

On 20th reaction vs <20:
channel.addReaction(message, emojiKey)
response => {“key”: null, “messageId”: 0, “operation”: null, “updatedAt”: 0, “userId”: null}
response => {“key”: “no entry”, “messageId”: MESSAGE_ID, “operation”: “add”, “updatedAt”: 1686855878048, “userId”: USER_ID}

Exact same issue for me, if there is a limit on the number of reactions a message can have, it should be documented please!

An update from sendbirds customer support, here is the response.

Reactions are limited to 20 individual reaction keys per message. This is an expected behavior of Sendbird Chat. I will raise this point to our documentation team to have this added to our docs.